Draw your personal venetian postcard in the company of an architect and urban sketcher, you will gather a personal Venice, where our emotions will become … evident,hand-drawn with all the slowness of an exclusive and new Venice.
An unprecedented travel through images in one of the most beautiful Palazzo on the Gran Canal, with its secret garden, witness to the elegance and opulence of the 16th century Venetian aristocracy.
We provide to participants a set of A6 (15cm x 10.5cm) cards with watermarks for the selected places, participants may complete the postcard with drawings, simple notes, colors.

The experience includes: 2 hours with an architect in the Palazzo (open exclusively for you), delivery of the personalized postcards, refreshments, coffee and home made cookies.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 60 € per person + VAT
Min. 6 persons – Max. 15 persons